MAHARAT: Building Careers in Performing Arts - Edition 2021

The MAHARAT: Building Careers in Performing Arts Programme was created in partnership with DROSOS FOUNDATION on the belief in the technical expertise and capabilities of the Performing Arts sector within the Arab region, and the need to preserve them. Within this framework, and with the support and collaboration of valued partners and colleagues, including Saint Joseph's University, Ettijahat is happy to announce the kick-start of MAHARAT's first vocational training on September 13th 2021. The current edition is conducted over the span of 14 weeks and hosts 15 participants from across Lebanon, including emerging technicians, performing arts students, and technical personnel working with a number of local performance venues, who are looking to enhance their technical skills in the field of Sound, Lighting, and Stage Management Techniques. Specialized Curriculums have been designed for the programme by trainers Hagop Derghougassian, Jawad Chaaban, Sahar Assaf, Maria Prince, Marie Elias, Ossama Halal, Chrystelle Khodr, and Hanane Hajj Ali, in addition to the participation of local and international guest speakers. 

In the midst of uncertainties brought upon by the past two years, the resilience and solidarity of the Performing Arts community have allowed for valuable conversations to take place about the importance of developing art education, building relationships between different sectors, and creating opportunities for a new generation of artists, allowing them to contribute to the growth and sustainability of their chosen fields.

We begin this new chapter with a continued commitment to the Performing Arts sector and its capacity to contribute to healthy, inclusive, and productive communities.

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