Laboratory of Arts/Syrian Artists Support Program – 6th Edition

About The Programme

The Syrian Artist Support Programme - Laboratory Of Arts is a programme being launched by Ettijahat- Independent Culture, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. It directs its focus at Syrian artists and cultural organisations, and seeks to create a supportive and free environment for creative practices, responding to new possibilities as they emerge. It also aims to empower artists and organisations, enabling them to accomplish and develop their creativity through a substantial grants scheme, within the following artistic formats:

  • Cinema and Animation
  • Theatre, Dance, and Performance Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Arts, including Fine Arts, Installations, and Graphic Design
  • Music

The programme is aimed at artists and existing initiatives in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, as well as countries of refuge and exile in Europe; responding to the developments of the Syrian cultural landscape and the current locations of Syrian artists. This will be achieved through the provision of 15 grants, each up to the value of $10000.


Application conditions

  • Applications are accepted only from Syrian and Syrian/Palestinians artists
  • Applications are accepted from artists residing in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Europe
  • Artists must be under 40 years old
  • The program is open for Initiatives, institutions and artistic groups
  • Beneficiaries of the 3rd, 4th and 5th editions are not eligible to apply
  • The programme does not support training sessions or workshops that do not produce artwork(s) as a result
  • Applications are evaluated by independent committees specialised in various cultural areas; the members of committees remain anonymous until the results are announced
  • Applications must be submitted between April 1st, 2019 and May 31th, 2019. Applications submitted after said date will not be considered
  • Applications will not be considered if they do not conform to administrative and/or terms in terms of contents being in accordance to the evaluation standards. Also incomplete applications will not be considered or if one of the required documents was not provided. These documents are: electronically filled application, Resume, copy of Identification card, recommendation letter (optional), and samples of previous projects or models for the presented project
  • Finished projects will not be considered
  • Sending samples of previous work is mandatory, if you have no previous projects, sending samples of the current project is mandatory.
  • For the creative writing category, sending samples of the current project is mandatory.
  • The program does not support art projects with a total budget that exceeds 10,000 US dollars unless the applicants can provide financial documentations to prove his/her ability to fund half of the budget before submitting their application or by providing a clear plan for securing the budget balance
  • Participants in the project have full copyrights to the artistic project provided they must maintain credits to Ettijahat- Independent Culture and the Goethe-Institut
  • Applications with no attached budget will not be considered
  • Ettijahat- Independent Culture and the Goethe-Institut has the right to publish and use parts of the artistic product during implementation of projects and after completion
  • Winners of the grants will be notified. Results will also be announced on the organisation’s website, and Facebook page
  • For more information or inquiries, you can contact us:


Project timeline

  • Applications open for submission: April 1st, 2019
  • Deadline for submitting applications: May 31th, 2019
  • Announcing results:  August 5th, 2019
  • Signing contracts with grantees: August 2019
  • Production of projects: by the end of August 2020


Ettijahat-Independent Culture will collaborate with Mamdouh Adwan Publishing House for a fourth year. The publishing house will publish literary works supported in the creative writing category.


To download the application form, and read the FAQs, please click on the files below.

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