Research: to Strengthen the Culture of Knowledge\ Fourth Edition

About the Programme

This capacity-building programme aims at providing full-time research opportunities for young Syrian and Palestinian- Syrian researchers (22-35 years old) within the field of cultural studies. The programme seeks to enhance the researchers’ skills, providing them the tools and guidance to accomplish their research project (The programme will probably be their first research endeavour since their academic studies). Experienced cultural researchers, who constitute the programme’s selection committee, will directly supervise the projects.

 The current edition programme’s annual course consist of three key phases:

1) The application submission and the selection of young researchers: 2 months

2) Training and skill enhancement phase: 1 month

3) Completion of actual research supervised by experienced researchers: 4 months.


The programme will focus on current topics in cultural research that are relevant to the situation in Syria.  Topics will range in scope, but they will revolve around the changes in perspectives of Syrian artists with regard to their relationship with society and the transformations it is witnessing.


Selected Researchers

Based on the committee’s final meeting on September 21st, 2016, the following researchers were selected to benefit from the fourth edition:

Amal Alias: Graffiti: From the Politics of Monopolizing Power, to a Culture of Popular Empowerment

Jihan Katish: The Concept of Theatre Technics, and Educating Theatre Technicians in Syria

Guevara Naemr: Transformations and Current Manifestations of Kurdish Society in Syrian Cinema

Kholoud Sharaf: Features of Modern Syrian Poetry after 2011 - A Study of Transformations in Content and Artistic Form

Rasha Salah: Similarities and Differences in Traditions of the Horan Plains (in Cuisine, Celebrations and Mourning)

Lara Eilo: Syrian Theatre from after the Revolution to the Present Day (in Lebanon)

Mohammad Aljssem: Managing Diversity in Syria - An Examination of the Cultural Heritage of Syrian Communities

Manal Ghanem: Artistic Standards in Theatre Texts for Children

Hiba Mehrez: Integration - A New Attempt at Understanding the Term

Wael Salem: Syrian Televisual Drama - An Analysis and Critique


A second list was also selected:

Reham Mohamad

Mudar Ramadan


The scientific committee members included: Dr. Hassan Abbas (Syria), Dr. Marianne Noujaim (Lebanon), and Fatin Farhat (Palestine). 


To read the FAQs and Ettijahat grant guide, please click on the files below:

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