MAHARAT: Building Careers in Performing Arts

Launching the call for application to MAHARAT training programme in performing arts – 2022 Edition

Ettijahat- Independent Culture announces the launch of the open call for the 2022 edition of MAHARAT: Building Careers in Performing Arts, in partnership with DROSOS FOUNDATION, targeting technicians working within the Performing Arts sector who are looking to enhance their technical skills in the field of Sound, Lighting, and Stage Management Techniques. The programme aims to raise the level of professionalism of technicians in the various fields of performing arts, provide them with the skills and abilities to build new careers, enhance the capacity of those working in technical disciplines, and improve their ability to contribute to public life and to the labour market

The programme allows participants to engage in a specialized training curriculum facilitated over 18 weeks, at an average of 4 hours daily, divided over three days per week. The programme was designed by a number of experts in the field of performing arts, includes general and specialized theoretical and applied knowledge, and provides participants with a support package that covers participation and transportation costs.

Who is allowed to apply to the training programme?

  • Residents from any region in Lebanon, regardless of their nationality between the ages of 20 and 40, and who are looking to enhance their technical skills in performing arts, including theatre, performance art, music, and multidisciplinary artistic practices
  • Technicians working in performing arts from the Arab Region, who are able to travel and reside in Lebanon for 4 months, and who, in case selected, will be provided with an additional support package to partially cover their travel and accommodation
  • Technical personnel working in performing arts who are looking to enhance their technical skills, build professional careers, and who are able to commit to the training programme
  • Practitioners and technicians who work exclusively or contractually with theatre venues or spaces and even with collective performing arts groups, regardless of the level of their formal education
  • Technical experts with practical experience looking to develop their knowledge in an academic framework

Criteria for selecting participants

The Selection Committee evaluates all eligible applications for the MAHARAT training based on the following criteria:

  • A clear or even a potential correspondence between the applicant’s previous studies and experience with the performing arts sector
  • A high ability to commit to collective and participatory frames of work
  • A minimum level of training requirements, in terms of being familiar with the general working mechanism of the performing arts sector as well as a minimum level of English
  • The training programme’s impact on the professional development of participants

What are the required documents that I should send?

  • The completed Application Form filled in Arabic or English, in addition to the applicant’s most recent CV
  • A clear copy of the applicant’s ID or passport
  • Samples of artistic projects that you have previously participated in, or samples of current projects you are working on including plans and sketches for sound or light, as well as organizational documents, work reports, or budget divisions for stage management applicants 

The main dates of the MAHARAT programme

  • Q&A session over Zoom regarding the application process: June 27th 2022
  • Deadline for applications submission: July 6th 2022, Midnight Beirut Time
  • Announcing results: Second half of July 2022
  • Conducting the training programme: Beginning of August until the end of November 2022

To download the application form, and read the FAQs, please click on the files below. 

Please send your filled application along with the required documents to:

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