Laboratory of Arts - 2021

Laboratory of Arts is a programme supporting artists and independent cultural entities in their artistic practices, so that they can thrive in their current working conditions and circumstances. The programme also seeks to promote different types of artistic and creative expression and to support artists’ ability to produce, in hopes of fostering a dynamic dialogue and appreciation for the value of creativity in the environments in which they work. The programme is a protagonist of artistic and literary expression and seeks to promote creative and innovative spaces, making the artistic products of supported artists accessible to Arab and European audiences.
The programme supports projects from all artistic fields, including the five major artistic sectors: cinema and animation; visual arts; creative writing; performing arts and music.
As of this edition, the programme will offer twenty grants every year. Syrian and Palestinian-Syrian beneficiaries will receive grants ranging between $6,000 USD  for visual arts, creative writing, and music, and $10,000 USD for the sole grant in each of the cinema and animation and performing arts categories. 

Laboratory of Arts supports freedoms of artistic and literary expression and welcomes creativity and innovation, particularly with regards to making supported works accessible to audiences in the Arab region and Europe. The programme is open to artists from all age groups based in the Arab Region and Europe, without any age restrictions. This stems from Ettijahat’s commitment to supporting artists who are still in the initial phases of their careers.
This edition of Laboratory of Arts will be launched with the support of the Ford Foundation, Goethe-Institut, and the Dutch Lottery Foundation DOEN, in collaboration with Mamdouh Adwan Publishing House.

Application Guidelines

  • All Syrian artists, including Palestinian-Syrian artists based in the Arab Region and Europe are eligible to apply to the programme.
  • Artists from all age groups are eligible to apply to the programme.
  • The programme is open for initiatives, institutions, and artistic groups.
  • Beneficiaries of the 2019 and 2020 editions are not eligible to apply.
  • The programme does not support training sessions or workshops that do not produce artwork(s) as a result.
  • Applications are evaluated by independent committees consisting of specialists in various artistic media. Committee members will remain anonymous until the results are announced.
  • Applications will not be considered if they do not reflect the evaluation standards in their content, are incomplete, or are missing any of the required documents. The compulsory documents are: a complete application form, a copy of the applicant’s personal ID/passport, samples of previous projects and samples from the project to be supported.
  • Finished projects will not be considered.
  • Participants in the project retain full copyright to their artistic outputs, provided that they acknowledge the support provided by Ettijahat- Independent Culture.
  • Ettijahat reserves the right to publish and use parts of the artistic product throughout the process and thereafter, in coordination with their owners.
  • Only beneficiaries of the grants will be notified directly. Results will also be announced on the organisation’s website and on Ettijahat’s Facebook page.

Application Selection and Assessment Criteria

Only projects that meet all the specified requirements will be considered. An artistic committee of specialists will select four projects to support in each category. The committee will assess the submitted projects according to the following criteria:

Feasibility: The committee will consider the proposed project application and its supporting documents, including the budget, timeline, artistic quality and proposed objectives, the applicant’s artistic vision and motives and the overall feasibility of the project.
Relevance: The committee will examine the applicant’s artistic vision and proposition, the questions raised by the project, their relevance and how closely related they are to the contemporary art scene.
Novelty and Innovation: This criterion is based on the seriousness and novelty of the artistic vision and proposition; the committee will assess how innovative the proposed project is.

Project Timeline

  • Application process opens for submissions: 1 May 2021
  • Open Q&A session on the application process: 8 June 2021
  • Deadline for submitting applications: 30 June 2021 (midnight, Beirut time)
  • Announcement of results: 25 August 2021
  • Signing contracts with grantees: September 2021
  • Production of projects: to be complete before 31 August 2022


الحقوق محفوظة اتجاهات- ثقافة مستقلة 2021
تم دعم تأسيس اتجاهات. ثقافة مستقلة بمنحة من برنامج عبارة - مؤسسة المورد الثقافي