AJYAL: A programme to Support Arts Education Academic Year | 2020-2021

Ettijahat- Independent Culture announces the launch of an open call for its second edition of AJYAL: a programme to support arts education, targets young Syrian and Palestinian-Syrian art students living in Syria who wish to enroll in a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, in medium or higher institutions, or to pursue an applied education programme in European universities and institutions, if they are currently residing in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan , Egypt and all EU countries.

The aim of AJYAL is to provide educational opportunities for young Syrian students in various Arts fields, by covering in full or partially the cost of studies which range between 1200$ and 4000$. The programme also commits to providing support for beneficiaries, residing in Syria, throughout and until the end of their studies. AJYAL is based on a set of principles which includes honing the skills of the new generation of artists and art students, opening up to all forms of artistic expressions, and creating channels of communication between the young and the older generation.

Who can apply to the AJYAL programme?

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Syrians and Palestinian-Syrians students aged 18-26 years old who reside in Syria and wish to pursue undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s degree) or study at intermediate or higher-level arts institutes in Syria 
  • Syrians and Palestinian-Syrians, under the age of 35 years old, who reside in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Europe, and wish to study for a master's degree. Applicants must have already obtained an undergraduate degree from a recognized and formidable university or institute, and who have received at least a “good” commendation on their exams
  • AJYAL scholarships do not cover PHD students
  • AJYAL scholarship is not applicable in a country different from the country of residence, for instance: students residing in Lebanon cannot apply for a scholarship to study in Turkey

What costs and expenses are covered by the scholarship?

  • Tuition fees during the study period
  • Financial support including:
    • Educational resources such as books, stationery, references, etc.
    • Transportation fees
    • Accommodation: Rental fees

Criteria for Selecting Applicants

  • Applicant must show a strong link between their background and their chosen field of specialisation and be motivated to enhance their artistic contribution towards the Syrian artistic sector
  • Academic and personal achievement
  • Commitment and a strong interest in continuing in the chosen field of artistic work, even after graduation
  • A registration document stating the registration of the applicant in the programmes of a Medium Institute / a Higher Institute of Arts / a Bachelor programme / a Master’s programme, excluding students who wish to start their higher education

Support Mechanism

  • Applicants are requested to fill out the application form and provide the necessary supporting files and documents within the submission deadline, which ends on the 1st of July 2020 at midnight, Beirut time
  • Applications that don’t meet the selection criteria will be excluded, as well as incomplete submissions that lack one of the main documents required
  • A Selection Committee, made up of a number of independent and specialized experts from various cultural fields, is formed to examine the applications. The identity of the selection committee members will remain confidential until the announcement of the results
  • The Selection Committee makes its final decisions following interviews with shortlisted applicants either in person or via Skype.
  • Ettijahat follows up with students to ensure that they are content and progressing well in their studies.

Documents Required for Application

Documents required from students residing in Syria and applying to pursue their early stages of studies including Bachelor’s programmes, and medium and higher-level institutions

  • A filled application form exclusively in Arabic
  • An updated CV
  • An official transcript of marks from the applicant’s most recent academic year
  • A Passport or ID copy
  • A recommendation letter was written by an academic professor and which includes their contact details (An email or a phone number)
  • A copy of the receipt for registration for the academic year of 2019-2020 or any official document confirming the student’s registration and the tuition fees for that academic year
  • An official or certified copy of the latest academic certificate of achievement

Documents required from students applying to a Master’s degree

  • A filled application form exclusively in Arabic
  • An updated CV
  • An official transcript of marks from the applicant’s most recent academic year
  • A Passport or ID copy
  • A recommendation letter drafted by the Thesis supervisor, in case the university system where the study will be conducted includes the preparation of a master's thesis
  • A copy of the master’s thesis plan, in case the university system where the study will be conducted includes the preparation of a master's thesis
  • An equivalent and a certified copy of the latest certificate of academic achievement issued by the Ministry of Higher Education is required, for applicants residing outside of Syria. Shortlisted applicants will be requested, by the selection committee, to show original copies of all the aforementioned documents.

Key dates for the current edition:

  • Deadline for submitting applications: 1st of July 2020
  • Conducting interviews with shortlisted applicants: First half of September 2020
  • Announcement of results: Second half of September 2020
  • Signing grants contracts: October 2020

To download the application form, and read the FAQs, please click on the files below.

Please send your filled application along with the required documents at: ajyal@ettijahat.org


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