Three translated research papers on Creative Industries in Syria published | Book your copy now!

Creative Industries in Syria is the title of Ettijahat’s latest English publication, produced in cooperation with ibidem-Verlag as part of the programme Research: To Strengthen the Culture of Knowledge. The book comprises of three research papers:

  • ‘Changes in the Gender Roles of Women Handicraft Workers in Damascus after 2011’, by researcher Oula Alshikh Hasan
  • ‘The Impact of War on the Aghabani Textile Industry: Damascus as a Case Study’, by researcher Dima Nachawi
  • ‘The Damascene Textile Industry in the Cauldron of War: Textile Crafts as a Case Study’, by researcher Zeina Shahla

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‘Impressive and promising are the research papers we present to you in this section of the book, which has been conducted and presented in a short time and at an excellent scientific level by three young Syrian women who have dealt in depth with the selected topics, which dealt with some of the ancient Syrian heritage related to the textile and embroidery trade, and the labour force that works on and supervises the manufacturing and marketing of these crafts without forgetting the current situation and its repercussions’, Writes Sarab Atassi in the book’s introduction. ‘These studies formed a new step in the research programme, and Ettijahat might be able to find a supportive framework to follow up this line. The stage is critical for preserving the memory of these professions and the possibility of benefiting from those who persevered in them and continued to work in Damascus at the beginning of the current situation, despite the destruction of the vast green and rural areas that surround the city and form its vital dimension and framework in many aspects, including traditional handicrafts’.

Ettijahat had previously collaborated with ibidem-Verlag in 2018, with the support of Mimeta, when it issued a book of four research papers in English entitled Different Perspectives on the Syrian Reality.

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