Laboratory of Arts the Sixth Edition - Applications Statistics

Ettijahat Independent Culture has announced the end of application receiving phase for the sixth edition of Laboratory of Arts /Syrian Artists Support Program in collaboration with Goethe Institute. Ettijahat received 117 eligible applications out of 137 in total.

The statistics of participation rates for eligible applications according to gender, age, geographical allocation, and artistic fields are as follows:


Males 69%

Females 31%



Individuals 97%

Institutions and collectives 3%


Artistic Categories

Cinema and Animation 24%

Visual Arts 23%

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Art 23%

Music 15%

Creative Writing 15%


Age Categories

Less than 26 years 14%

From 26 to 30 years 38%

From 31 to 35 years 32%

From 36 to 40 years 16%


Geographic Allocation of Artists

Syria 37%

Lebanon 24%

Germany 17%

France 9%

Turkey 6%

Other countries 7%

Independent and specialized jury committees from different cultural backgrounds will evaluate applications received. The committees remain confidential until the results are announced in the first half of August 2019.


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