Syrian Art Production: Support Models and Sustainability Challenges

Ettijahat is launching a research paper entitled Syrian Art Production: Support Models and Sustainability Challenges  for the researcher Mona Merhi: Researcher and Theatre Critic. The research piece falls within the Cultural Priorities in Syria Programme

The research paper discusses the problem of the remarkable changes to Syrian production support frameworks in the years that began with the Syrian revolution until 2017, as well as the impact of this change and its new methods in sustaining the Syrian artist's work under the difficult circumstances of scattering and transformations of the Syrian cultural scene in rapid political and social changes. In this sense, the paper attempts to explore the nature and form of the responses of donors and the support of institutions in different frameworks to deepen the search in these forms. This problem raises questions such as to what extent these transformations are appropriate to what the Syrian cultural sector have faced. Is there a general characteristic of these responses and forms of funding, or are they individual responses to the policy of individual institutions or entities? Is there is any properties that have changed over time? Have these responses moved into other forms?

You can download and read the paper in Arabic by Clicking Here.

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