A Video Highlighting Ettijahat's 5-Year Accomplishments

Mar 2017

Five years have passed since the launch of Ettijahat- Independent Culture. They were full of beautiful moments despite the surrounding difficulties and harsh conditions. We have had the opportunity to work and learn from more than 60 researchers, artists, and experts from Syria, the Arab region, and the world. More than 120 artists, researchers and cultural institutions have directly benefited from our programmes. We have also cooperated with more than 20 regional and international cultural institutions, and had the chance to meet thousands of people and share with them the astonishment of the arts in Syria, the region, and Europe. The pleasure of working with all of these artists, researchers, and cultural actors from Syria and the world is priceless, and cannot be summed up in a single video.

We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who have shared with us their dreams and work over the past years – we flourish and thrive with your priceless efforts.

To view the video please click here.

الحقوق محفوظة اتجاهات- ثقافة مستقلة 2017
تم دعم تأسيس اتجاهات. ثقافة مستقلة بمنحة من برنامج عبارة - مؤسسة المورد الثقافي