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Research: to Strengthen the Culture of Knowledge - Fourth Edition

Selected Researchers

Based on the committee’s final meeting on September 21st, 2016, the following researchers were selected to benefit from the fourth edition:

Amal Alias: Graffiti: From the Politics of Monopolizing Power, to a Culture of Popular Empowerment

Jihan Katish: The Concept of Theatre Technics, and Educating Theatre Technicians in Syria

Guevara Naemr: Transformations and Current Manifestations of Kurdish Society in Syrian Cinema

Kholoud Sharaf: Features of Modern Syrian Poetry after 2011 - A Study of Transformations in Content and Artistic Form

Rasha Salah: Similarities and Differences in Traditions of the Horan Plains (in Cuisine, Celebrations and Mourning)

Lara Eilo: Syrian Theatre from after the Revolution to the Present Day (in Lebanon)

Mohammad Aljssem: Managing Diversity in Syria - An Examination of the Cultural Heritage of Syrian Communities

Manal Ghanem: Artistic Standards in Theatre Texts for Children

Hiba Mehrez: Integration - A New Attempt at Understanding the Term

Wael Salem: Syrian Televisual Drama - An Analysis and Critique


A second list was also selected:

Reham Mohamad

Mudar Ramadan

The scientific committee members included: Dr. Hassan Abbas (Syria), Dr. Marianne Noujaim (Lebanon), and Fatin Farhat (Palestine). 

To download the booklet of research summaries, please click on the files below.

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