Omar Al Jbaai - "The window (Okno)"

Omar Al Jbaai

Omar graduated from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Art in Damascus, “Department of Theatrical Studies” in 2006; he then undertook acting roles in several television and theatrical performances and worked on the creative development of children’s programs on Al Jazeera between 2006 and 2008.

He is a founding member of the ”Street Workshop” for new theatrical writing in Damascus, his texts have been included in several theatrical readings within the prestigious “Damascus: the Capital of Arab Culture” festival, and in the Royal Court Theatre in London.

He has participated in a number of workshops on dramaturgies and playwriting. He also directed a show entitled "Now / Here" in 2012, and “Small Detail" in 2014.

He also worked as a dramaturge with Al Mirg Theatrical Club on a show entitled ”A Thousand and One Tents” a Mudar Al Haji production of 2014.


"The window (Okno)" Project

The Window / Okno” is a theatrical performance of the script “Okno,” by Polish author Ireneusz Iredynsk in 1968. Iredynsk skilfully merges the realistic and usual with the surreal to reveal the calcification of the relationship between spouses – “her” and “him”. Moreover, the mystery of this calcification is the transformation of human into machine, leading to crouch down and cave in oneself routinely and even turning emotions and feelings into mere things.

The project in front of us poses artistic challenges in terms of its content and form; the text was written primarily for radio rather than theatre. It is also a deceptive text: it raises the idea of ​​hope (the torch) as a potential turning point in the couple's relationship, leading to a more mutually understanding relationship. Yet any hope or transformation they realise comes from their neighbours’ window, indeed, and any misery is brought about by two people, sitting, waiting for a match that may not have been stricken fire and will not.

The show consists of a variety of overlapping media within the performing arts (dance, mime, puppets, and realist/psychological performance). As the structure of the existing text is based on an overlap between the everyday and the surreal, it requires a theatrical structure that is able to express both.

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