Orwa Almekdad - "Death Flowers"

Orwa Almekdad

He is a writer and a director. He wrote in a number of Arab newspapers, and directed many short film documentaries dealing with the Syrian revolution. Also wrote many of the stories and literary readings. He covered the Syrian revolution since its inception through various forms of visual documentation, in addition to the press stories in many Arab and International newspapers and stations.


"Death Flowers" Project

The director sets out from Beirut to Aleppo to produce a feature-length film in a city which summarises all the problems of what is happening in Syria. There he discovered that death is not the death of the body, but rather it is the death of souls that were left with the bleak, difficult option of making Syria into a gargantuan cemetery. Death Flowers is a story of four characters in Dara, Aleppo, Beirut, and Turkey, suffering from inner death – a crueller death than the death of the body, which casts off the burdens of the living.

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