Meet the Researchers Supported in the 2023 -2024 Edition of the Research Programme

We present you with the supported research proposals that will take part in the 2023 – 2024 Research programme edition. In the current edition, the programme will provide 16 grants dedicated to the selected researchers from Syria and Lebanon. The supported research papers contribute to creative projects and art productions in the Syrian and Lebanese contexts, and monitor the relationship between arts, cultural and creative expressions, and changes in public life in both countries, in addition to the issues related to the diaspora.

Supported Researchers & Proposals

Ahmad Khaled Al-Tobol: Documenting the Oral Memory as a Path Towards Coexistence and Civil Peace
Bassel F. Saleh: Clash of Slogans in the Lebanese Uprising of October 17, 2019
Iyad Abu Samra and Sham Al-Olabi: Heterotopias of Nightfall
Fadwa Abboud: Representations of War in Novels: A Study of the Syrian and Lebanese Narratives
Hadil Endawi: Syrian Body as Hypertext – More than One Body: Somehow All Bodies Are Dead
Hani Al-Taflah: Library Transformations in Syria
Jawad Al-Habbal: Contemporary Stage Tech Specs: Syrian Diaspora Theater Meets the Datasheet
Joelle Deeb: The Orontes River Repository – Earth Memory and Its Interrelation with Landscapes
Nagham Khaleel: Bedouin Heritage: The Intersection of Arts, Gender, and Situation
Omar Hosni: The Paradox of the Cassette: A Rebel or an Instrument of Hegemony? A critical study of the “Syrian Cassette Archives” and the search for alternatives in the struggle over heritage and memory
Lama Al-Qadi: Traditional Architecture as an Alternative Approach to Syria's Current Building Culture
Mayyar Mhanna: Women as Filmmakers during Wartime: A Study on Syrian Women’s Cinematic Production After 2011
Mirma Al-Waraa: Movie Theatres in Damascus: The Architectural Manifestation of Syrian Cinema
Yara Saad: Rebel Voices
Ziad Adwan: Damascus Theatre Festival: Experimental Institution
Zoya Karmouka: On the Silk Road – Syrian Pottery
Jury Members
Marianne Noujaim: Professor, and researcher at the Institute for Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematic Studies at Saint Joseph University in Beirut
Hiba Alkhalaf: International consultant and specialist in cultural heritage and the protection of historical places and sites
Rama Najmeh: Journalist and cultural researcher.

To learn more about the supported research and to read the Jury Statement click here


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