Continuing the Oumsiyat Programming in September: Discussions and Shows See You at Our Headquarters!

Ettijahat’s 2022 Oumsiyat events will continue throughout September and October 2022. These are cultural and artistic events organized by Ettijahat at its headquarters in Beirut, with the support of Heinrich Böll Stiftung Middle East and several partners. Oumsiyat’s goal is to stir discussion on the questions of public space through the arts, to meet with audiences, residents, and visitors in Beirut, and offer a space for artists to gather and display their works and engage in dynamic conversations around cultural and artistic topics.

This programming will be followed by a session on September 19, in partnership with Daraj Media, entitled Noon and Artistic Challenges: Views on the contributions of creative practices to the critical feminist discussion.
This is a special episode of the Noon podcast prepared and moderated by journalist and media figure Diana Moukalled. In this publicly accessible episode, Moukalled hosts filmmaker Madonna Adib and director, actress, and writer Chrystelle Khodr. The discussion addresses the question of what arts can contribute to the critical feminist discussion and how creative practices can play a role in dismantling patriarchal and authoritarian social structures in the Arab region. It also looks into how these practices can promote women’s issues in public spaces and fight the oppression and stereotyping practised mainly by TV drama and commercial media content against women.

The session will be followed by a musical concert by Makram Aboul Hosn’s band, with the participation of Nidal Abou Samra and Joe Awwad. The trio will play tunes by jazz composers such as Ornette Coleman, Wayne Shorter, and Charles Mingus, in addition to pieces composed by Makram Aboul Hosn.
The September programming also included two short film screening evenings, in collaboration with Metropolis, during which 10 contemporary films by directors from the Arab region will be screened. These films addressed a wide array of current and urgent topics, and most of them set off from a personal standpoint to tackle social, political, environmental, and existential questions.

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