Join us | Defying the Odds: Research on the Social Value and Impact of Projects Aiming to Protect Syrian Intangible Cultural Heritage – Research Paper Launch and Online Discussion

Ettijahat – Independent Culture, in partnership with the British Council for Syria and the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, is pleased to announce the launch of a new research paper entitled Defying the Odds: Research on the Social Value and Impact of Projects Aiming to Protect Syrian Intangible Cultural Heritage, authored by researcher and journalist Zeina Chahla.

The research paper presents an exploratory study on the social value of all projects aiming to protect intangible heritage in Syria, specifically those launched after 2011. It also explores the impact these projects have been able to achieve while highlighting the most important challenges they have faced, most of which relate to the specific difficulties associated with working conditions in Syria. The paper examines how various actors have addressed and overcome these challenges and, by doing so, offers a baseline for other heritage protection projects, both in Syria and elsewhere.

The research paper considers a number of intangible cultural heritage protection projects currently operating in Syria, including some that have been suspended due to various circumstances. The author analyses the geographical and programmatic scope of these projects, drawing on comprehensive desk research utilising available online resources and social media platforms. The paper includes an in-depth study of several projects supported by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, which enables efforts to protect endangered cultural heritage. Since 2016, the CPF has supported nine projects seeking to protect Syrian heritage.

The research paper will be discussed during an online open session on the 13th of October, 2022, at 6:00 pm Beirut time, in the presence of author and researcher Rama Nejmeh, CPF Specialist Assessor June Taboroff, CPF Grants Manager Waseem Albahri, and curator and cultural advisor Alma Salem, who will moderate the event, on the Facebook pages of Ettijahat and the British Council – Syria in Arabic, with interpretation into English.
Stay tuned if you wish to read the publication. Prior to the event, we will be publishing the research paper in Arabic and English on the websites of Ettijahat - Independent Culture and the British Council - Syria. 

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