Learn about the School of Dramatic Arts: A Cultural Entity Supported by Life Initiative

The School of Dramatic Arts is a community art gathering founded in Damascus in 2009 by a number of Syrian thespians, to create a new theatrical space that is open to various experiences, and a laboratory for self-development and theatrical productions for adults and children. The school moved from one location to another and suspended its work for two years due to the war. It eventually established a permanent headquarters in Jaramana, near Damascus. During its short history, the school was able to welcome and teach six groups of actors. The School also presented several professional theatrical performances on its own stage and elsewhere. Since 2016, the School has also opened a special class under the title of "Talents" to teach performing arts to children and young adults.

Recently, the School produced the 'University of Laughter' play, a philosophical comedy by Kōki Mitani, who is one of the most prominent playwrights in Japan. The play was translated, prepared, and directed by Dr. Samir Othman Al Bash and performed at the School’s headquarters in Jaramana. The last show was held in June, but a rerun of the play will take place at the beginning of the next theatre season in Damascus.
In June 2022, the sixth batch of students presented the outcome of their work on Shakespeare’s plays, which lasted for three-and-a-half months, under the supervision of the acting instructor and artist Mariam Ali. The School then launched the fourth stage of preparing its students to become actors. The main theme during this stage will be 19th-century Russian theatre. You can follow the latest news of the School of Dramatic Arts through its social media pages: Facebook.

The School of Dramatic Arts is an entity supported by Life: Contributions to Support Syrian Cultural Entities, which was launched by Ettijahat as an exceptional initiative as part of its programming for its ten-year anniversary.

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