Learn More about Citizens. Artists: A cultural entity supported by Life Initiative

Citizens. Artists is a civil, non-profit organization established in 2012 and active in the field of development, particularly cultural development. Its very name reflects its aim of establishing a link between art and society, as well as using art as a tool to promote social development and awareness at the level of individuals.
Through its various programs, Citizens. Artists seek to develop the concept of interactive theatre in particular and interactive arts more generally in the Syrian context. It also seeks to offer artistic spaces by rehabilitating and activating venues and introducing the new generation of young artists to cultural and artistic circles in Syria and the Arab region. Another aim of the organization is to empower children and the youth by offering them a space for free expression and fair opportunities to develop their skills and capacities, especially during times of social and political crisis.

In the past few months, Citizens. Artists have documented its work and made its archive accessible to the public, including the activities and projects it had implemented before its establishment in Damascus, as well as the organization’s formal establishment process, and its latest activities up until this day.

Currently, Citizens. Artists are preparing to launch its “First Steps” project, which aims at supporting all kinds of theatre and performance art practitioners to navigate their first experiences in the field. Through this project, the organization will support young people wishing to present their first artistic productions. This includes directing a theatrical play or other performance, writing a script and experimenting with it with audiences during in-person gatherings and/or using digital platforms, and presenting visual art installations and interactive theatre performances.

Click here to view the archive of Citizens. Artists.
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These activities are presented within the context of Life Initiative: Contributions to Support Syrian Cultural Entities, launched by Ettijahat as an exceptional initiative as part of its programming for its 10th anniversary.

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