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AJYAL: A programme to support arts education | The Fourth Edition's Result

Academic Year | 2022-2023

Danah Aiman Alkrede

Masters from the Institute for Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Studies at the Saint Joseph University – Beirut, Lebanon.

Syrian journalist and researcher graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, Damascus University. Studied at the Theater Studies Department of the Higher Institute of Theater Arts in Damascus. Worked with multiple cultural and civil organizations and entities in documentation and archiving, in addition to being a freelance journalist and researcher in several magazines, newspapers, and digital platforms.

Razan Orabi Albeiruti

Second year Master’s student – Faculty of Fine Arts – Photography Department – Damascus University – Damascus, Syria.

Originally from Damascus Syria. Participated in several collective exhibitions and art workshops. Her art lives in the imaginary where everything is possible. Deeply interested in studying Art and scientific research. She always seeks to find and search for information on what is different. Passionate about learning various academic and contemporary art techniques. Currently working on a paper about the connection between expressive art and abstract art.

Rawan Altakriti

Preparatory year for a Master’s Degree in Art, Culture and Journalism – University of Groningen – Groningen, Netherlands.

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts – Department of Theater Design. Studied fine art at the Adham Ismail Institute for Fine Art, with an Educational Qualification Diploma from Damascus University. Worked in some theatre production in Damascus and Turkey and participated in several cinematic and televised projects. Specialized in cultural management based on her work as a coordinator in the Cultural Forum in Damascus, a project coordinator in Spaces for Culture in Ghazi Antep and neighbouring cities, and a coordinator of the Shanta Theater in Turkey.

Soha Ezzi

Second-year student – cinematic direction in the Higher Institute for Cinematic Arts - Damascus, Syria.

Writer, translator, freelance photographer, human rights and social and political justice activist. Started working in humanitarian and development activities in 2017 in Suweida with many local initiatives, NGOs, and with international organizations later on. Participated in multiple training workshops and youth programs for academic and art support, as well as cultural exchange. She received a full grant to participate in the Gakko program in Japan in 2019. Directed and filmed a short movie titled A nation’s Dreams, and another short film titled Cell 136 at the Higher Institute for Cinematic Arts.

Gulan Abdulsalam Youssof

Second Year – Department of Theater Critique and Studies – Higher Institute of Theater Arts – Damascus, Syria

Worked on audio-visual and documentary translation which enhanced her capabilities in English, French and Arabic, prompting her to try translating literature and poems. Founded a volunteer cultural group which organized several pilot theatre and literary projects. Seeking to create a theatre experience far from agendas and marginalizing minorities by taking theatre to the farthest town in the country, staying away from the stereotypical and cookie-cutter theatre.

Lana Milan Khuzam

Master’s in Architecture – City Construction – Politecnico di Torino University – Torino, Italy.

Raised in Homs and then moved to Damascus to learn Architecture at Damascus University. Participated in several workshops around rebuilding destroyed areas. Her master’s thesis centres on building modern cities with a focus on environmental issues, sustainability and possible architectural application.

Mohamad Nour Durra

The second year – Department of Audio and Lighting Arts – Higher Institute of Theater Arts – Damascus, Syria.

The photographer started attending the Technical Institute for Business Administration and Marketing in 2017. In 2021, he was accepted into the Higher Institute of Theater Arts. Participated in several student projects with colleagues and filmed two short movies for his colleagues’ graduation projects in the Cinematography Department.

Youssef Mahmoud Ibrahim

Fourth Year – Department of Dance – Higher Institute of Theater Arts – Damascus, Syria.

Started learning dancing with the El Yama Popular Company in Tartus in 2015, with which he participated in several shows. Participated in the 19th World Festival for Youths and Students in 2017. Attended afterwards the Tawazon Studio for Theater Dance where he learned the basics of contemporary dance and ballet. Co-founded the Salam Theater Dance Company, affiliated with the Salam Ya Tabitha organization. Attended the Higher Institute of Theater Arts, Department of Dance. During his studies, participated alongside several dance companies in multiple dance shows. 

Jury Committee:

Ahmad Kaabour (Lebanon), Buthayna Ali (Syria), Ghada Sayegh (Lebanon), Lina Abyad (Lebanon), and Mayada Hussein (Syria).

The Jury Statement

AJYAL is a highly important and highly in-demand program for supporting art and encouraging students to pursue their studies in the overwhelmingly disrupted and unstable region. The jury has considered a great number of promising applications and engaged in rich and thoughtful debates during the difficult assessment. The jury showed much appreciation for the remarkable objectivity that commanded respect and admiration from all members.

AJYAL aims to enable Syrian youth to pursue academic studies in all art fields by fully or partially covering their tuition up to 3600 euros, which is divided into years of studies. The programme also commits to providing support for beneficiaries residing in Syria through to the end of their studies. The AJYAL programme aims to hone the skills of young and emerging artists and art students, open them up to all forms of artistic expression and create new channels of intergenerational communication.

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