Life: Contributions to Support Syrian Cultural Entities | Statistics

May 2021

The call for applications to Life: Contributions to Support Syrian Cultural Entities was closed at the end of April 2021. 85% of the total number of applications received were eligible.

The Initiative was directed primarily at registered entities or at entities that have a legal framework (representing 85% of the total applications). However, the Initiative waived this requirement for entities not able to register themselves legally in their country of operation, provided that they clarified the reasons and alternatives they adopted with regard to governance and to their work structure. These entities accounted for 15% of applications.

The Life Initiative aims to support art collectives and teams working in environments with compounded security, economic, and health challenges, as well as civil and media entities working primarily in the arts sector. At the end of the specified deadline, the applications for support sent by cultural institutions and collectives accounted for the highest percentage (67%), followed by civil and human rights entities (19%), and bands and theatre groups (14%). The Initiative seeks to mitigate the challenges faced by these entities and strengthen their internal stability by providing financial contributions of up to $12,000 to 12 artistic and civil entities that will be selected by a specialized committee and announced during the second half of June 2021.

The applicants were not required to be residents of a specific country or region. As a result, the highest percentage of applications came from the Arab region, specifically from Syria (30%) and Lebanon (14%), followed by the EU, with 15% from France and 12% from Germany. As for the percentage of applications received from Turkey, it was only 8%, while the rest of the applications, which accounted for 21% of the total of applications received, came from other countries.

The support provided by the Life Initiative covers operational aspects, including team wages (applications for wage support amounted to 32% of the total applications received), internal training and the development of work systems (8%), workplaces and work equipment (20%), rent and workplace maintenance (18%), communications and promotion costs (13%), technical, logistical, service, and protection work systems, and any other aspects that could contribute to enhancing the entity’s viability. These types of support accounted for 9% of the total of applications received.

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