[Body of Text] conversation on writing is pleased to host Writer Haitham Hussein

May 2021

Ettijahat – Independent culture is pleased to invite you to a series of monthly digital get-togethers with several authors, with the aim of reading their literary works produced as part of the Laboratory of Arts programme. The sessions will be held regularly on Zoom and Facebook and will be moderated by number of novelists and researchers from the Arab region.

The third session will host Author Haitham Hussien, to discuss his Novel [No One May Remain]. The discussion will be facilitated by novelist Mansoura Ezeldin.

Wednesday, June 2, 7:00 p.m., Beirut time

To read the autobiographical novel, No One May Remain, which will be available until the end of May 2021, please click here.

To register on Zoom, please click here.

To watch the first session on the story collection Between Two Rivers by Samah Hakwati, who was interviewed by Hasan Daoud, please click here.

To watch the second session on the story collection The Book of Wisdom and Naivety by Odai Alzoubi, who was interviewed by Samar Yazbek, please click here.

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