The Final Cycle of Art Lives in 2020

In partnership with the Action for Hope Organization, Ettijahat – Independent Culture has concluded the last cycle of Art Lives initiative for support for living expenses or health care for the year 2020.

We have reached the end of the last cycle of receiving applications from artists and others working in the cultural sector and the arts to provide support for living expenses or health care. The Art Lives application period extended from the start of 2020 and went through four cycles of support.

The Art Live Initiative was launched in June of this year, and it is a collaboration between Ettijahat, Action for Hope, and Mophradat and with the support of the Ford Foundation and DOEN Stichting. The initiative aimed to provide exceptional support to artists and cultural workers who have been negatively affected by the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Since its launch, the initiative has provided support to 71 artists from Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Sudan, and Jordan, as well as for 29 artists residing in Beirut who were affected by the Beirut Port explosion last August.

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