SANAD continues to offer support in Lebanon

Since the beginning of the year, twenty-two artists in Lebanon have received legal support services through SANAD. Artists and cultural practitioners received support to rectify their situation, such as assistance covering the fees for official paperwork either in part or in full. This included fees for the translation of identification and other official documents, passport renewals and residency applications. Other applicants received advice and legal counsel which helped them to address residency violations and other similar issues. The programme team is currently reaching out to some beneficiaries to determine and provide the optimal form of support for them, all while ensuring the artists’ confidentiality and safety.

All artists residing in Lebanon may submit applications to SANAD: A Legal Support Programme for Artists and Cultural Practitioners at any time. The programme offers legal counsel year-round, linking artists to specialised lawyers and helping them to overcome some of the challenges they face, all in cooperation with Legal Agenda and the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

For further information about the programme, please click here. To apply or to send enquiries, please email us at

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