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AJYAL: A Programme to Support Arts Education

AJYAL: a programme to support arts education, targets young Syrian and Palestinian-Syrian art students living in Syria who wish to enroll in  a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, in medium or higher institutions, or to pursue an applied education programme in European universities and institutions, if they are currently residing in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and all EU countries.

The aim of AJYAL is to provide educational opportunities for young Syrian students in various Arts fields, by covering in full or partially the cost of studies which range between 1200$ and 4000$. The programme also commits to providing support for beneficiaries, residing in Syria, throughout and until the end of their studies. AJYAL is based on a set of principles that includes honing the skills of the new generation of artists and art students, opening up to all forms of artistic expressions, and creating channels of communication between the young and the older generation.

General Goals of the programme

  1. To develop and enhance the knowledge of artists and practitioners, in all forms of artistic expression, so that they can face the challenges of pursuing artistic education
  2. To create professional opportunities for young artists and practitioners, enabling them to develop their knowledge and to contribute to the labor market
  3. To empower the skills of young artists, by providing them with academic educational opportunities

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