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Watch Now: Dramaturgy, the first series of SOBOL: Resources for Arts & Creativity

We invite you to watch the series Dramaturgy: Concepts and Practices, written and presented by Dr Marie Elias. This is the first series produced in the context of SOBOL: Resources for Art & Creativity, a programme that aims to support artistic and creative education in vulnerable contexts and create vital alternatives that reinforce cultural diversity. SOBOL aims to present highly artistic and informative content in the Arabic language, fulfilling the need to develop more creative knowledge in Arabic. The programme is mainly intended for those who are in the early stages of their artistic experiences, but it is available to all Arabic speaking individuals who are interested in the arts.

SOBOL contributes to strengthening visual memory about artistic production and it addresses the lack of creative knowledge suffered in inaccessible environments in which opportunities to obtain critical knowledge are absent. The main idea behind the programme is to utilise the digital realm as an alternative space that offers education, inclusivity, and open contribution with serious creative content.

To watch the first series, which looks at the discipline of dramaturgy, please click here.

This series is an introduction to the concept of dramaturgy, as well as the work of the dramaturge and the ‘dramaturgical mindset’. It also explores the changing relationship between dramaturgy and the different elements of theatre over time and examines the basis of ‘dramaturgical analysis’ and how it contributes to the creation of a theatrical performance. Throughout the series, we also encounter practical examples from world theatre, which we attempt to analyse based on the aforementioned concepts. We study the form and structure of playwriting from the dramatic and epic/Brechtian Theatre, with a focus on the most important influences of Bertolt Brecht on post-dramatic theatre. In the final stages of the series, we reflect on a few open-ended questions regarding postmodern theatre, including the nature of contemporary playwriting, the arguments it proposes today and its relationship to theatre in the Arab region.

This series is the first of several, each of which will cover a different artistic practice and be released sequentially. The entire series is published under Creative Commons license.

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