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A conversation with Sarab Atassi: Some Notes on Memory and Space

To continue Ettijahat’s series of interviews with experts and researchers from the fifth edition of Research: To Strengthen the Culture of Knowledge, we bring you this interview with expert Sarab Atassi. In this interview, Atassi emphasises the importance of trying to stay in tune with our intangible heritage. She discusses the relationship between the individual and the memory of the physical space. She also brings up the main challenges that occur within this relationship. The discussion followed the completion of research papers which were produced in the fifth edition, which witnessed topics related to documentation, memory and intangible and tangible heritage.

Atassi stresses the importance of relying on accurate information when documenting any form of cultural transformation and the value of the work that ties culture to other aspects, such as politics and society, with objectivity as a condition of execution. 

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