SANAD the Legal Support Initiative Expands to Germany and Continues its Services in Lebanon

Feb 2020

Throughout 2020, Ettijahat will be launching a series of workshops and meetings with specialist lawyers, civil society figures specialising in artistic organisation and representatives of German institutions. The sessions will be held for all artists who have moved to Germany in recent years with the aim of helping them to adapt to the new environments in which they are working. The sessions will also encourage attendees to enhance their self-regulation abilities and help them overcome some of the challenging issues they face. This series of sessions are being organised as part of SANAD: A Legal Support Initiative for Artists and Cultural Practitioners. The content of these sessions is being developed in partnership with Nawras and the International Alumni Center based on the results of meetings and consultations that were held with a number of artists and cultural organisations in 2019, which sought to identify the most important ways to ensure greater stability for art producers in their new places of work. The first workshop will be held in March 2020 at the International Alumni Center (IAC Berlin) with live translation into Arabic.

In parallel with this, Ettijahat is also working with Legal Agenda and with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation to provide legal consultations for artists living in Lebanon on a continuous, year-round basis, connecting them with specialist lawyers and helping them to address some challenges they face.

SANAD is open to all artistic and cultural professionals who are looking for legal consultation services in legal matters pertaining to culture and rights. We invite anyone in this position to send their requests and inquiries to permanent email address

الحقوق محفوظة اتجاهات- ثقافة مستقلة 2020
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